What Is An Example Of An Ordinance?

How do you use ordinance in a sentence?

Ordinance in a Sentence 🔉The county ordinance prohibits smoking inside public establishments.

When the ordinance is passed, people will be fined for not keeping their front lawns neatly cut.

The ordinance abolished slavery in all villages ruled by the king.More items….

What are the ordinances of God?

An ordinance is a religious ritual whose intent is to demonstrate an adherent’s faith. Examples include baptism and the Lord’s Supper, as practiced in the Christian traditions such as Anabaptists, all Baptist churches, Churches of Christ groups, and Pentecostal churches.

What’s the difference between an ordinance and a law?

Q: What’s the difference between a statute and an ordinance? A: Unlike a statute, or state law, an ordinance is a local law that is passed by municipal governing authorities, such as a city council or county board of commissioners. Ordinances also apply only to the local jurisdiction, as opposed to the entire state.

What is another word for ordinance?

Some common synonyms of ordinance are canon, law, precept, regulation, rule, and statute.

What are the seven ordinances of God?

Roman Catholic theology enumerates seven sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation (Chrismation), Eucharist (Communion), Penance (Reconciliation)(Confession), Matrimony (Marriage), Holy Orders (ordination to the diaconate, priesthood, or episcopate) and Anointing of the Sick (before the Second Vatican Council generally called …

What is the difference between municipal code and ordinance?

An ordinance is the equivalent of a municipal statute, passed by the city council, or equivalent body, and governing matters not already covered by federal or state law. Ordinances commonly govern zoning, building, safety, etc. matters of municipality.

What are the 2 ordinances of the church?

Two ordinances (believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper) (Acts 2:41–2:47; 1Cor 11:23–11:32) Individual soul liberty (Rom 14:5–14:12) Saved and Baptized church membership (Acts 2:41–2:47; 1Cor 12:12; 2Cor 6:14; Eph 4:3) Two offices of the church (pastor and deacon) (1Tim 3:1–3:13)

What is another word for promulgated?

Some common synonyms of promulgate are announce, declare, and proclaim. While all these words mean “to make known publicly,” promulgate implies the proclaiming of a dogma, doctrine, or law.

What is the opposite of ordinance?

ordinance. Antonyms: custom, usage, prescription. Synonyms: statute, institute, decree, law, edict, regulation, rule.

Is a local ordinance violation a criminal offense?

A municipal offense is not a crime. … (2) A municipality may by ordinance provide that a violation of an ordinance is a municipal infraction. (3) (a) A municipality may by ordinance provide that a criminal offense under state law that is punishable only by a fine is a municipal infraction.

What would be considered an ordinance?

Ordinances generally govern matters not already covered by state or federal laws. Examples of ordinances would be those related to noise, snow removal, pet restrictions, and building and zoning regulations, to name a few. …

Is a local ordinance a law?

A local ordinance is a law for a political division smaller than a state or nation, i.e., a local government such as a municipality, county, parish, prefecture, etc.

What part of speech is ordinance?

ordinancepart of speech:noundefinition:a regulation, law, decree, or rule, esp. one issued by a city or town. The ordinance forbids smoking in all public buildings. synonyms: law, rule similar words: command, declaration, decree, directive, edict, mandate, order, regulation, ruling, statute2 more rows

What does Psalms 119 say?

It is an acrostic poem, in which each set of eight verses begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The theme of the verses is the prayer of one who delights in and lives by the Torah, the sacred law. Unlike most other psalms, the author did not include his name in the text….Psalm 119LanguageHebrew (original)4 more rows

What does an ordinance do?

An ordinance is the name typically used for a law passed by a local political subdivision, such as a city, county, village, or town. Ordinances may address a wide variety of local issues, from local government structure to speed limits and sign sizes.

Are city ordinances unconstitutional?

Constitutional Law: Classification: City Ordinances. contended that the ordinance is unconstitutional because it denies the equal protection of the law, in that it exempts from its inhibition owners of existing garages.