Quick Answer: Which Is Better Xcopy Or Robocopy?

What is the fastest way to copy large amounts of data?

4 Easy Ways to Copy a Large Number of Files Quickly in WindowsRobocopy (Robust File Copy) This is a built-in tool in Windows, found in Command Prompt, which offers more power when you need to run repetitive and/or complicated file copy processes.

Upgrade Hardware Drives.

Copying App.

Compress Your Files First.


What protocol does robocopy use?

Server Message BlockRobocopy uses the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to copy files between two hosts. SMB-based communications use the following ports: 137 (TCP/UDP) — NetBIOS Name. 138 (UDP) — NetBIOS Datagram.

What is difference between robocopy and xcopy?

The most important difference is that robocopy will (usually) retry when an error occurs, while xcopy will not. In most cases, that makes robocopy far more suitable for use in a script.

How do I make robocopy run faster?

Set the number of Robocopy threads to four. This should move four files at a time and if one stalls it won’t have as big an impact. Don’t go above four simultaneous copies as you will be hitting the limits of the file system for performance and start thrashing. The script runs is supposed to run once a month.

What is faster XCopy or robocopy?

The average Disk Read Transfer is better for XCopy (76.15 MB/Sec vs. 75.28 MB/Sec), the minimum Disk Read Transfer is better for Robocopy (4.74 MB/Sec vs. 0.00 MB/Sec) and the maximum Disk Read Transfer is better for XCopy (218.24 MB/Sec vs. 213.22 MB/Sec).

Which is the best software to copy files faster?

10 Best File Copy Utility Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2020Unstoppable Copier.PerigeeCopy 1.6.RoboCopy.EaseUS Disk Copy.Teracopy.Copy Handler.UltraCopier.ExtremeCopy.More items…•

What is the fastest way to transfer files between computers?

The fastest and easiest way to transfer from PC to PC is to use the company’s local area network as the transfer medium. With both computers connected to the network, you can map the hard drive of one computer as a hard drive on the other computer and then drag and drop files between computers using Windows explorer.

Is there a GUI for robocopy?

RichCopy. RichCopy is a GUI for Robocopy written by a Microsoft engineer. It turns Robocopy into a more powerful, faster, and stable file copying tool than other similar tools.

How do I stop robocopy?

Just hitting the Pause button on the keyboard seems to do the trick for me. Just hit “Pause” to pause it and then hit Enter to resume it again.

Does xcopy work Windows 10?

The xcopy command is available from within the Command Prompt in all Windows operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, etc.

Is XCopy deprecated?

While still included in Windows 10, XCOPY has been deprecated in favor of robocopy , a more powerful copy tool, which is now built into the Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop operating systems.

How much faster is robocopy?

The large single file copies pretty fast (compared to the other files): The average is below 500 seconds (499,8) with a maximum of 612 seconds and a minimum of 450 seconds. I would expect multi threading to have little to no impact to the speed in this scenario.

Is it faster to copy or move files?

In general, moving will always be faster than copying. However it can be as slow as copying in some cases. … If you are moving/copying a file within the same hard drive partition, then moving will be faster. This is because, as Darsh mentioned, the operating system will only change the folder that the file is present in.

Is robocopy available in Windows 10?

Robocopy is available with Windows 10 operating system. To know more about Robocopy, please open the command prompt and type Robocopy /? in the command line.

Why are my file transfers so slow?

Slow copy speeds can also be a side-effect of faulty drivers. … The drivers can be found under the support section, make sure you download and install the latest USB drivers. This would also resolve some other minor issues that you might be facing while using USB drives on your computer.

Is robocopy free?

The command is robocopy….Robocopy.Developer(s)MicrosoftLicenseFreewareWebsitedocs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/robocopy6 more rows

How long does robocopy take?

about 3-4 hoursIts pretty simple except that for the fact that robocopy takes about 3-4 hours to copy one of these files whereas a regular copy/paste takes around 20 minutes.

Does Robocopy skip files that already exist?

By default, Robocopy skips copying existing files if the specific metadata of the files match then those files will be skipped from the copy operation.