Quick Answer: What Is The Best Irish Whiskey?

The most popular brand of whiskey in Ireland is a mixture of pot-still and grain.

Powers was first distilled at the St.

John’s Distillery at Thomas St, Dublin in 1791.

Powers Gold Premium sells over 2.5 million bottles in Ireland each year..

What whiskey can you only get in Ireland?

10 of the Best Irish Whiskies to Try NowThe Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey. drizly.com. … Tullamore D.E.W. Original. reservebar.com. … Redbreast 15 Year. reservebar.com. … Bushmills Original. reservebar.com. … Jameson Irish Whiskey. drizly.com. … Powers Gold Label. … Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey. … Knappogue Castle Single Malt 16 Year.More items…•

Is Jack Daniels an Irish whiskey?

Jack Daniels is owned by Brown-Forman who also own other famous brands such as Canadian Mist whisky and Finlandia vodka. However, it is Irish whiskey that is the fastest growing spirit on the American market. … They plan to offer a range of blended, pot still, and single grain whiskeys.

How good is Kirkland Irish whiskey?

Surprised that Costco makes a decent Irish whiskey; that it costs a fraction of other decent Irish whiskeys; that even at the lowest rung of the price point ladder, a single spirit category can encompass such a wide range of flavors and characteristics. In the end, that’s a good thing for a drinker to be: surprised.

Why did Irish whiskey decline?

The principal reason for the demise of Irish whiskey’s dominance of the international whiskey trade, however, was the combination of the rise of blended Scotch whisky and the rampant adulteration of Irish pot still whiskey with low cost grain alcohol; what the Irish pot still distillers called “silent spirit”.

What is the best Irish whiskey to drink straight?

The 6 Best Irish Whiskeys to Sip this St. Patrick’s Day (Besides Jameson)Knappogue Castle 12 Year. Knappogue Castle 12 YearMatt Taylor-Gross. … The Tyrconnell 16 Year Old. … Teeling Whiskey Small Batch Irish Whiskey. … Tullamore D.E.W. … Clontarf 1014 Classic Blend. … Brothership Irish-American Whiskey.

What is the best Irish whiskey for the money?

15 Irish Whiskeys for St. Patrick’s Day 2020Knappogue Castle 14 Year Single Malt Irish Whiskey ($65) … Dingle Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey ($100) … Bushmills 16–Year Old Irish Whiskey ($120) … J.J. … Redbreast 12 Year Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey ($55) … Yellow Spot 12 Year Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey ($77)More items…•

What is special about Irish whiskey?

Irish whiskey is one of the world’s great styles of whiskey. It’s most often triple-distilled from unmalted barley that is typically blended with grain whiskey, though there are single malts as well. Made entirely in Ireland, it’s a favorite worldwide, especially in the U.K. and U.S., due to its exceptional smoothness.

How many bottles of whiskey can you bring back from Ireland?

Remember, the 5 liter limit is per person. A typical whiskey bottle is 700 or 750 ml. This means that each traveller can legally bring 6 to 7 bottles onto the plane.

What is the nicest whiskey?

The best whiskies from around the worldWoodford Reserve Distiller’s Select, 43.2% ABV, blend, Kentucky, USA. … Nikka from the Barrel, 51.4% ABV, blend, Japan. … Balvenie 17-year, Doublewood, 43% ABV, single malt, Speyside, Scotland. … Compass Box Hedonism, 43% ABV, blend, various, Scotland.More items…•

Do the Irish really drink alot?

According to the national charity Alcohol Action Ireland, Ireland is one of 26 nations in the European Union with the highest alcohol consumption rates per capita. In fact, the Irish drink about 20% more than the average European. … It is estimated that over half of all Irish drinkers are problem drinkers.

What do the Irish drink most?

The most popular Irish drinksRedbreast. Redbreast 12 is a mighty whiskey. … Irish Coffee. … Guinness. … Tullamore DEW. … Murphy’s. … Jameson Whiskey. … Bailey’s Irish Cream. … Bulmers/Magner’s Irish Cider.

What whiskey is better than Jameson?

If you liked the smooth flavor of Jameson, the natural next step would be Redbreast. … Redbreast is a pure pot still whiskey, meaning it’s made from 100% barley (both malted and unmalted) as opposed to Jameson, which is a blended whiskey (made from a blend of barley and other grains).

What is the best whiskey to drink straight?

6 Best Cheap Whiskeys Good Enough To Drink StraightJim Beam Distiller’s Cut Straight Bourbon Whiskey $23. … George Dickel Superior No. … Big House Straight Bourbon Whiskey $21. … Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky $21. … Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey $29. … The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey $28.

What whiskey do the Irish drink?

There are several types of whiskeys distilled in Ireland, most notably: malt, single pot still, grain and blended. Examples of Irish whiskey include Black Bush, Tyrconnell, Bushmills, Red Breast, Jameson, Powers Gold Label, and Tullamore Dew to name a few.

What is the oldest Irish whiskey?

Old BushmillsLocated at the tip of Northern Ireland, Old Bushmills is the oldest of the Irish distilleries. It traces its lineage to 1608, although the distillery was officially registered in 1784. Now owned by Diageo, Bushmills produces complex, fruity single malts and blends, including the rich, flavorful Black Bush.

Do Irish people drink Jameson?

Irish Whiskey Ireland is home to several distilleries, which produce some of the world’s finest whiskeys. … Examples of Irish whiskey include Black Bush, Bushmills, Jameson, Paddy, Powers, and Tullamore Dew to name a few.

Which is better Scotch or Irish whiskey?

Irish Whiskey is distilled three times, and Scotch only twice. … “Also, when it comes to ageing,” adds Egan, “Irish whiskey must be matured for at least three years, compared to just two years for Scotch whisky. As a result, Irish whiskey tends to have a more mellow style than Scotch.

What is a good cheap Irish whiskey?

“Best Irish Whiskey For The Money”Kilbrin Blended Irish Whiskey. 4.0 / 5 stars (114 Reviews) … Kavanagh Irish Whiskey. 4.0 / 5 stars (132 Reviews) … Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey. 4.0 / 5 stars (54 Reviews) … Malloye Irish Whiskey. 4.0 / 5 stars (39 Reviews) … Kavanagh Single Malt Irish Whiskey. … Kinsale Irish Whiskey. … Jameson Irish Whiskey. … Green Spot Irish Whiskey.More items…

What’s better Jameson vs Tullamore Dew?

Both whiskeys are smooth, almost surprisingly for the price, but Jameson has a more robust profile whereas Tullamore Dew is considerably softer and sweeter. Also, in Jameson, there is a notable snap of spice underneath the sweet smoothness. … Tullamore Dew finds itself aged in charred oak, that’s simple.