Quick Answer: Is There A Whole Foods In Every State?

Where is the largest Whole Foods in the United States?

AustinBut Whole Foods’ largest location is in Austin.

This flagship store is 80,000 square feet.

The company’s headquarters is located above the store.

By comparison, an American football field is just 57,600 square feet..

How many Whole Foods stores are there in Texas?

Whole Foods Market”Kale Green” logo beginning 2016Headquarters in Downtown AustinHeadquartersAustin, Texas , United StatesNumber of locations500Areas servedCanada, United Kingdom, United States12 more rows

What state has the most Whole Foods?

CaliforniaCalifornia leads with 88 Whole Foods Stores, followed by Texas and Massachusetts.

Does Whole Foods deliver to my zip code?

The Whole Foods Prime Now service delivers thousands of Whole Foods products directly to your door in as little as one hour with a Prime Membership. … Head on over to Whole Foods Market’s website, enter your zip code and get a real-time answer.

How many states does Whole Foods operate in?

Currently, Whole Foods has 497 stores, including 476 in the United States, 14 in Canada and seven in the United Kingdom. Its 498th location, announced earlier this month, will be a 30,000-square-foot store in Evergreen Park, Ill., slated to open March 6.

How many Whole Foods locations are there?

500Whole Foods Market/Number of locations