Quick Answer: Did Tumblr Lift The Ban?

What is the best alternative to Tumblr?

10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Can UseWordPress.

It’s impossible to talk about blogging platforms without mentioning WordPress.


Owned by the tech giant Google, Blogger is one of the easiest blogging platforms out there.






Typepad.More items….

Why did Tumblr ban?

A controversial adult content ban took effect across Tumblr on Monday, after two weeks of sustained user outrage and internet-wide fears that this would mean the death knell of the platform. … In November, Apple banned Tumblr’s official app from the iOS store because of reported child pornography on the platform.

Is Pillowfort safe?

Pillowfort emerged as a potential safe harbor via word of mouth on social media; the site allows NSFW content to be posted with few restrictions, as long as it doesn’t break any laws. … Pillowfort is still in beta, and this situation has become a huge test for the site.

Has Tumblr lost Users 2019?

It now appears that many users have made good on that threat: Tumblr’s traffic has dropped nearly 30 percent since December. … By January 2019, only over 437 million visited Tumblr, compared to a high of 642 million visitors in July 2018.

Why can’t I find safe mode on Tumblr?

When you sign up on Tumblr, they only ask how old you are instead of your exact birthdate. So if you just turned 18 this year, you likely won’t get access to Safe Mode until next year when it’s guaranteed that you would be 18.

Why is tumblr so toxic?

This is a common problem on Tumblr, low self-esteem of users, and the problem is that Tumblr users are contributing to it in others, to the point they feel they can’t even speak their minds about stuff without the fear of being judged or yelled at. That’s not only forced self-censorship, it’s abuse. Emotional abuse.

What happened to Tumblr after the ban?

Tumblr’s porn ban has apparently resulted in a major online traffic decrease. Traffic to Tumblr has fallen by close to 30 percent since December, when the blogging platform banned adult content, according to market intelligence firm SimilarWeb.

How do I view NSFW on Tumblr?

There you find a padlock icon on the far right that you can click on to enable or hide adult flagged search results. Adult content is hidden by default on Tumblr, and there is no option for users without account to reveal it on search results pages.

How much money has Tumblr lost?

In 2016, Yahoo wrote off its Tumblr investment as a $230 million loss and hinted that the actual loss could be nearly the entire $1 billion.

How do I post NSFW on Tumblr 2020?

Under Tumblr Settings, you will find the Safe Mode option which would be turned on by default. When you tap on it you would see three options, among which “Hide all sensitive content” would have a blue tick by default. Choose “Don’t hide anything” to turn off safe mode and browse all the flagged NSFW content you want.

How do I bypass sensitive media on Tumblr 2020?

Method 2 – On your AndroidLaunch the Tumblr app on your Android device.Tap on the humanoid symbol at the Bottom right.Tap on the Gear icon to reach the Account settings.Choose General Settings from this menu.Scroll down to the option Filtering.You should now find the option for Safe Mode. … That would do it.

Is there a replacement for Tumblr?

1. Mastodon – Open-Source Tumblr Alternative. Mastodon is one of the most favorite Tumblr alternatives used by many people. … The social networking website has a Twitter-like interface and Tumblr-like community platform.

Why did Tumblr die?

Tumblr’s decline has been evident for years. The site has suffered from a lack of user growth, losing artists to other media sites such as Instagram. It has also been acquired a number of times and consistently underperformed.

Does Pillowfort cost money?

Pillowfort has been entirely user funded since the beginning. Because users are no longer required to pay for a registration link, we are largely dependent on donations to help us pay the bills until the release of our Premium Features Suite which is in development.

Yes, Tumblr is still Relevant in 2020.

Who currently owns Tumblr?

Verizon Media2017Tumblr/Owners