Question: Why Is Telstra Air Not Working?

Can I use Telstra air at home?

Telstra Air at home With Telstra Air, your home broadband can be used to create a home hotspot.

Your Telstra Air compatible gateway will broadcast separate Wi-Fi signals for other Telstra Air customers to use.

Telstra Air customers who access your home hotspots won’t be accessing your home broadband allowance either.”.

Can I use Telstra air on my laptop?

On a laptop or desktop Note: You can use Telstra Air on up to three devices at a time by logging in to Telstra Air with your Telstra ID.

Is Telstra air free to use?

Telstra Air® is Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network. If you’re an eligible Telstra customer you can connect for free to over 1 million Telstra Air® hotspots across Australia, and millions of Fon hotspots overseas. You can connect using your smart phone, mobile device or laptop.

What is WiFi FON?

Fon Spots are made up of two separate, dedicated WiFi signals – one private signal just for the user and one shared signal for other members and visitors to the network. It allows to safely share a bit of WiFi at home with others and, in return, free connectivity wherever there is a Fon Spot.

Can I use Telstra air on my TV?

The browsers on many Smart TVs are pretty much there just for show and do not have the smarts to be able to connect to many websites that require interactions (ie logins, interactions, etc). Plus a Telstra Air connection is limited to about 2Mbps, so you aren’t really going to be able to use streaming services on it.

Does Telstra air slow down my internet?

Since 1 July 2016, Telstra Internet customers have been subject to broadcasting a free and unsecured WiFi network via their Telstra Broadband (NBN and ADSL) modem/router. … Telstra admits that this reduces your bandwidth. “A portion of your home broadband bandwidth is used to create a home hotspot”.

How do I get WiFi in my home?

To establish WiFi in your home, all you need is either a modem connected to a wireless router, or a wireless gateway, which is a modem and wireless router in one unit (see What is a Wireless Gateway? for more information).

How do I get my Telstra air to work?

Activate your service. You must activate your service to use Telstra Air. … Find a hotspot. Once you’ve activated your service and you’re near a hotspot, turn on the Wi-Fi on your device and select “Telstra Air” from your Wi-Fi list. … Connect and enjoy. Now you can start enjoying your free data.

How far does Telstra air reach?

What is the range like on a Telstra Air hotspot? Generally speaking Wi-Fi hotspots have a range of up to 20 metres indoors but in optimal conditions can reach up to 50 metres outdoors.

How far does hotspot reach?

For the b and g standards, the rated range is 100 to 150 feet, with real-world ranges hitting around 100 to 120 feet reliably. The “n” standard claims to have double the range of the “b” and “g” standards, with reliable connections regularly going to about 170 to 200 feet.

Is Telstra air fast?

Some Locations in busier area’s or at Telstra shops are instead set up with a Fibre connection with some locations providing speeds exceeding 100mbps (See below). Hotspots broadcast from residential modems are limited to 2mbps download and 1mbps upload with a user limit of 1 person per hotspot.

Does Telstra air cost money?

No there is no cost to activate or use Telstra Air for any customers with a Telstra Fixed ADSL, Cable or NBN connection. You do however have to have a compatible modem (one of the T-Gateway or T-Gateway Max modems), which if you currently do not you might have additional charges in upgrading your modem…

How do I get WiFi to move?

The simplest and cheapest way to get online is with a mobile internet dongle (pictured right). This small piece of equipment looks like a USB memory stick. It plugs into one of the USB connections on your laptop and contains a SIM card, providing you with 3G or 4G internet on the go.

How do I get Telstra air?

Telstra offers free Telstra Air access with most new phone plans, regardless of whether they’re postpaid or prepaid. To see if you’re eligible, download the Telstra Air app and sign in with your Telstra ID (the username you use to log into your account), and follow the prompts.

Can Boost customers use Telstra air?

Boost Mobile does not have access to the whole Telstra network. … Boost mobile customers don’t have access to free Telstra Air and Fon Hotspots and access to free sports streaming..

Is Telstra air WIFI safe?

Telstra Air hotspots are open and unsecured. … Although it’s unlikely, data you send over an open network can potentially be intercepted if the app or website doesn’t secure your information before transmitting it from your device to the hotspot.