Question: Is BT 1571 A Free Service?

What is BT junk voicemail?

BT Call Protect helps to prevent unwanted nuisance calls.

By managing your settings, you can decide which calls you want to send to a junk voicemail.

It’s free for BT customers..

How much does 1571 service cost?

BT customers began being charged for its previously-free 1571 answerphone and caller display services on Saturday. So opt out now if you have either of these services and don’t use them, or you’ll be charged £1.75/month for each – that’s £42/year for both.

Why is my BT answer phone not working?

Check the answering machine is on and is set to “Answer and Record” mode. If it is set as “Answer Only”, the answering machine won’t record any messages. If you have BT Answer 1571, BT Call Minder or a similar service, make sure the answering machine takes the call before the network answering service.

How long do BT keep phone records?

Fraud prevention agencies can hold your personal information for different periods of time, and if you are considered to pose a fraud or money laundering risk, your information can be held by us and the organisations we share it with for up to six years.

What calls are free with BT?

Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers may be free from your BT landline, depending on which calling plan you’re on. (This doesn’t include dial-up internet calls to ISPs, or calls to dial-through or calling card access numbers.) Fair Usage Policy applies. Maximum 1,000 minutes or 150 calls a month.

How do I get rid of BT 1571?

You can easily cancel 1571 online. Go to and click the Manage my calling features button. This will start an online order process. Put in your home number and postcode and confirm you’re the BT account holder to continue.

Does BT Mobile charge for voicemail?

Find out how much it costs to make calls from your mobile, including international and roaming charges….Understanding mobile charges.ServiceCostData (internet)10p/MBUnlimited voicemailIncludedCalls to Customer CareIncluded3 more rows

How do I listen to my BT voicemail?

Just dial 1571 to listen to your messages, personalise your greeting, or set your voicemail PIN.

Do you have to pay for Caller ID with BT?

How much do they cost? BT Privacy and Caller Display are free for all BT customers.

How do I retrieve BT text messages?

Just dial Text store 0845 602 1111 to listen to the spoken text messages (calls cost 5p a minute, plus your BT access charge). Please remember that we can only save messages here for 24 hours.

How do I get BT Call Minder?

To upgrade your service, go to and select ‘Home phone’ > ‘Change my Calling Features’ > ‘Manage my Calling Features’ and choose either BT Answer 1571 or Call Minder.

Can you see incoming calls on your phone bill?

Accessing Your Cell Phone Records. Check your bills. If you receive a monthly bill, included with it will likely be a record of your phone calls and text messages for the last billing cycle.

Is there a charge for BT 1571?

BT Answer 1571 is available at no extra cost when you sign up, for customers who make calls with BT. If you are billed monthly, then you must make at least two chargeable calls with BT each month or if you are billed quarterly, then you must make at least six chargeable calls with BT within that quarter.

How can I check my BT phone bill?

Get your bill and call details 24/7 You can also easily manage your BT account using the My BT app. You can also check your balance by calling our free automated service on 0800 44 33 11.

How do I get old BT bills?

Yes, you can see copies of your bills from the last six months online at Go to ‘Billing’ and click on ‘View’ next to the bill you want to see the Bill Summary page for. Click on ‘download PDF’ to see the bill, which you can then save to your computer or print off if you want to.

How do I turn off voicemail on my landline?

To turn off voicemail:Dial *91 from your home phone.Listen for two beeps to confirm that voicemail has been turned off, then hang up.Repeat step 1 but this time dial *93, then hang up once you hear the two beeps.

What calls are included in BT Mobile?

You can find the details of all BT Mobile charges at Included in your allowance:Calls to standard UK landline numbers starting with 01, 02 or 03. And calls to UK mobile numbers. (If you call someone when they’re abroad, they will pay any roaming charges).

Does BT unlimited calls include mobiles?

Make cheaper calls to mobiles As well as great call rates to UK mobiles, Unlimited Anytime Calls includes 1000 free minutes to BT Mobile (excludes BT Business Mobile).