Question: Is Axis Bluechip Fund Tax Saver?

Is Axis Bluechip Fund a good investment?

The Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan Growth is rated Moderately High risk….1.

Risk-adjusted returns are lower compared to the category.Fund NameReturns 3YAxis Bluechip Fund5star10.6%HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund4star3.9%ICICI Prudential Bluechip Equity Fund4star4.4%2 more rows.

What is better SIP or lump sum?

Whereas with a lump sum investment, your money would buy fewer units of the mutual fund when markets are up and more units when they are down. … Less Stressful: A SIP investment is less stressful than a lump sum investment and may help you stay invested.

Is it good time to invest in mutual fund?

It is always the right time to invest in mutual funds, even for a newcomer, to achieve your long-term financial goals. However, it is extremely important to choose mutual funds based on your goals, investment horizon, and risk profile.

What are the top 5 mutual funds?

Large-Company Stock Funds – 5 yearsFUND NAMESYMBOL5-YR RETURNMorgan Stanley Multi Cap Growth ACPOAX26.67%Morgan Stanley Instl Growth Portfolio AMSEGX23.68RidgeWorth Aggressive Growth Stock ASAGAX23.49Transamerica Capital Growth AIALAX23.16 more rows

Is it good to invest in Axis Mutual Fund?

“Investors want to invest in the schemes of Axis Mutual Fund because of their recent performance. Many investors don’t even know why they want to invest apart from the fact that they will get good returns,” says Puneet Oberoi, Founder, Excellent Investment Advisors.

Is Axis Bluechip fund ELSS?

About Axis Bluechip Fund The Scheme is an open-ended equity scheme predominantly investing in large cap stock.

Is Axis Long Term Equity Fund a tax saver?

Axis Long Term Equity Fund is an Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) or tax saving scheme. Investments in an ELSS help you to save taxes of up to Rs 1.5 lakh in a financial year under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. These schemes come with a mandatory lock-in period of three years.

How is Axis Bluechip fund?

In the past five-year and ten-year periods, the scheme has given 6.5% and 9.6% returns, respectively, while its peers have given average returns of 1.6 % and 6.3%, respectively, over the same periods. More than 95% of the scheme’s portfolio is invested in blue-chip and large-cap companies.

Is SIP better than FD?

Fixed deposit is the best investment option for conservative investors only. … On the other hand, returns cannot be guaranteed in a systematic investment plan or an SIP. There is no doubt in the fact that an SIP provides higher returns in comparison to fixed deposits but there is no guarantee of returns in an SIP.

What is a blue chip fund?

A Blue chip fund is a term used to indicate well-established and financially sound companies. Blue chip funds invest in stocks of those companies that have a credible track record with sound financials along with regular dividend payments and profitability over the years.

Is ELSS better than PPF?

PPF is suited for individuals who are absolutely risk-averse and can afford a 15-year lock-in period. Whereas those investors who are willing to take a moderate risk to earn higher returns can opt for ELSS. The best way to reduce risk in ELSS to its minimum is by staying invested for the long term.

Which is better direct or regular mutual fund?

Which mutual fund is better to direct or regular? Direct plans are the best for those who want to increase their mutual fund returns by investing directly through AMC. Whereas, the regular plan is suitable for those who do not have enough market knowledge and need advice and a regular review on their investment.

Is Axis Mutual Fund good?

Equity funds are a type of Mutual Fund that mainly invests in equity and related instruments. These funds are a good option to fulfil long-term financial needs….1. Axis Mid Cap Fund.Axis Mid Cap Fund GrowthLaunch Date18 Feb 11Rating☆RiskModerately HighExpense Ratio2.0313 more rows•Aug 19, 2020

Which MF gives highest return?

Here’s a look at five such schemes:Axis Bluechip Fund. 5-year SIP returns: 15.57% … AXIS Focused 25 Fund. 5-year SIP returns: 15.25% … IIFL Focused Equity Fund. 5-year SIP returns: 14.71% … SBI Focused Equity Fund. 5-year SIP returns: 13.69% … Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund. 5-year SIP returns: 15.40%

Which Blue Chip Fund is best?

Top 10 Large Cap Mutual FundsFund NameCategory1Y ReturnsAxis Bluechip FundEquity8.7%Mirae Asset Large Cap FundEquity7.0%Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity FundEquity15.8%Kotak Bluechip FundEquity9.1%12 more rows

Which Axis Mutual Fund is best?

Top 10 Axis Mutual FundsFund NameCategoryRiskAxis Bluechip FundEquityModerately HighAxis Long Term Equity FundEquityModerately HighAxis Midcap FundEquityModerately HighAxis Focused 25 FundEquityModerately High12 more rows

Which is better sip or PPF?

SIP investment in mutual funds are ideal for all, short term, medium term and long term goals. They are ideal for wealth creation and fulfilment of goals. A PPF is ideally suitable for only long term investments of 15 years or more.

How can I buy Axis Blue Chip Fund?

Axis Bluechip Fund is available for investors in two types of schemes – Growth & Dividend….In order to start investing in a bluechip fund, an investor needs the following:PAN Card.Bank Account.KYC (Know Your Client)