Question: Can I Use A Belong Sim In A Telstra Phone?

Can I unlock my phone myself?

If you’re willing to unlock the phone on your own, here’s what you need to know.

And carriers such as T-Mobile offer apps that unlock phones.

Before you unlock your phone, though, make sure it’s compatible with the new carrier’s network.

Verizon and Sprint use a standard called CDMA, and AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM..

Can I put my SIM card in any phone and use it?

There are many nuances to SIM cards. Not all SIM cards are the same. Depending on what country you purchased the SIM card, some of them are locked to the carrier that you bought it from. This means that you can use the SIM card in any phone that is sold by that carrier.

Is belong mobile as good as Telstra?

The coverage you get on Belong isn’t quite as comprehensive as Telstra’s but it is close and the difference in coverage is a small price to pay for Belong’s cheaper plans. … Here’s a small selection of Belong and Telstra SIM plans with 10GB of data or more compared side-by-side.

Can I put my Telstra SIM card in an iPhone?

Re: Can I use a prepaid telstra Sim in an iPhone Yes, you can put your Pre-paid sim into an iPhone and still be on the same Pre-paid offer you’re already on. If the iPhone takes a different size sim than the sim you already have, you can go into any Telstra store and they’ll swap your sim for the correct size sim.

What happens if I put someone else’s SIM card in my phone?

Most Android phones will allow you to do that. However if the Android phone has sign-in or a password taking the SIM card out and putting in another sim card will lock the phone. And you will have to enter the correct password in order to use the phone.